Why are there so many tools in modern web development?

A lot of tools exist in modern web development. In many cases, a simple static site is all you need to make, and basic tools such as a text editor are all you need to build it (without creating new problems!). But sometimes you do need more – you’ll have a million users a minute and the site needs to be interactive. The web development ecosystem has many useful tools to use, including Babel, npm, and frameworks such as React/Vue/Angular.

This article from Victoria Kirst talks about the traditional web development workflow, and how different modern tools came about to solve different problems.


Happy building!

Quick, Simple Python Server


A small tip that comes in handy for local testing and development – run your own Python server in 1 terminal command.

If Python is installed* (and it is on Macs by default), go to the directory containing the files you want served, and enter the following in your terminal:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

By default the files will be served on port 8000. In a browser, go to localhost:8000 to have some files served up. Mmmm, files.

That’s it! You have a server running locally.

If you’d like to change from the default port to another, add your preferred port number after the command, e.g.:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3000

Your files will be served on port 3000.



* Check with python –version in your terminal

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